Facilities, Subscriptions and Fees

Please contact us if you have any question


The discount for your brother/sister is 65% from the subscription*

The discount for close friends and 2nd or 3rd degree relatives is  20% from the subscription*

While under subscription, if you suffer an illness or a cold and cannot reach our lessons, based on a medical certificate your subscription will be prolonged those dates**.

Our group lessons won't have more than 16 students.

For the family module, the dates will be chosen together with children's parents or their close relatives

The Academy's member will get discounts in dancewear shops. We also have our tailor who works with  a low price for us.

The dancers with outstanding resoults will have  free access on shows, workshops, sponsrships, private lessons and other facilities to help them develop their dancing.

For wedding dance, the fee for a 60 minutes lesson is 30EUR. For couples that come with a recomandation from I Do Events or other friends that have worked with us, we offer a 5EUR discount on every lesson.

For psychotherapy, sports counseling or personal development through dancing the fee is 35EUR.

**  ATENTION! Any medical certificate will be verified by our medical departament, in case of forgery, you will be expelled and banned from our Academy.