Wedding dance

If you want a special coregraphy, something else than just a wedding dance, if you want to tell a story through movement, you're on the right track.

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We're offering you the possibility to work with a professional coregrapher with years of experience in working with professional dancers or with people who didn't dance at all. "I worked with hundreds of couples, on my own but also invited by a number of schools and dance institutions, always learning an teaching. What is the price, you may ask. 30 EUR / session! (if you are recommended by I Do Events or another couple that worked with us, you will have a 5EUR discount on every lesson) But, we don't like to speak about ourselves, so we will let our students to do so:

Gabriela and Sergiu

"Congratulations Ovidiu M. Ionel. The merit is all yours. [...] We thank you for all the support and confidence you granted us. You are an exceptional teacher, a professional in every sense of the word. From the first lesson you knew to be with us, encourage us, give us confidence. You created a moment that represents us, you made us to find ourselves in every movement, every idea. We are sorry we finished the lessons, but we are glad we gained a friend."

Mihaela and Iulian

"When you have no idea how to dance and feel you have no artistic in your body, to make courage to take some dance lessons for the big day is a real challenge. If you also want to build a dance to represent you (in our case, slightly mad), it already seems incredible. Glad we had the courage, because this is how we meet a wonderful man. Not only did we admire his extraordinary talent, but he saw us so well, inspiring us for life and for dancing, so much that we got confidence and the end result was above expectations. We recommend Ov.I Dance Academy for dedication, professionalism and especially because they are very special. The atmosphere is warm, family, time flies rhythmic, and fear turns into pleasure. Thank you very much!"

Andreea and Mihai

"Professionalism, creativity, passion, commitment and good humor of course! 10 sessions were beautiful, and the result was a special dance for the most important day of our lives! Thanks!"

Laura and Stefan

"A dynamic couple who decided to organize a wedding from far away, from Germany!
 So we introduced ourselves Laura and Stefan, 'to our dance teacher'. We can come 3 months before the wedding and again in the week before the wedding when nerves are at maximum. In addition we come 'bundled' with a difference of opinion: waltz insists groom, but bride believes that they are defined alerts rhythms.
I did not know when Ovidiu accepted our offer that would benefit not only a dedicated dance teacher with a lot of imagination but also couple therapy. With gentle but determined voice and humor, Ovidiu managed to defuse, to make us forget the time, the pressure and the clumsiness of a beginner. Hours of dancing immediately became a pleasure.
I chose an East Coast Swing that allowed Ovidiu to 'write' our story. I had a personalized choreography with many elements. I was so excited about dance and determined to reward the involvement of Ovid, that I forgot the emotions and everything was beautiful 'on stage'. Furthermore, we have decided that during our dance to replace the long and fluffy wedding dress with a loose dress, for dance.
The photos speak for themselves! "