Ov.I Dance Academy's Team

We are learning, we are developing and we invite any professional who can enrich our academy to join our team, our family. Do you want to join? Send us a message!

Ovidiu-Mihai Ionel

The founder and the academy coregrapher. His career spans many years and includes an extensive competitional and scenic experience. Dancer and technician in dancesport and contemporary dance he also studied jazz, jazz-pop, hip-hop, ballet and street dance. He finished the University of Phisical Education and Sport, with a degree in psycological training of dancers, and nou is a student of University of Psychology. A published author on many sites, Ovidiu directly attacks the taboo issues from the world of dancing (the relation between partners, in couple fights and their motivs, the influence of dance teachirs in the psychological development of the dancer), searchig for solutions for anyone who wants a new method to develop his personal style, in dancing or teaching, or both. Author of Education Department - World Dance Council & Amateur League, he understood that each generation needs a different solution, and most of the dance teachers are thinking about their past experiences, limiting their vision. Dancing must be in the present for the future!

Ioana Enescu

The co-foounder of the academy. Her experience is mainly in dancesport and the motivational support for dancers. She has a very good knowledge of the competitional mechanisms, the ways for an excellent warm-up and how to maximize their performing capabilities.

For now she is a student in Copenhagen, Denmark, but she helps us in our work each time we need her help.

Ioana Cuciureanu

Psychotherapist, she was a dancesport dancer, with a vast experience in classical dance (ballet). Now, she works as a psychologist with a degree in psychological training of athletes. She is an influent member of our team, she engages directly and certain each time there are problems while performing or competing (stage fright, mental blockage, loss of motivation and so on)

Ioana-Doina Covrig

Psychotherapist under formation, Ioana is aware of how the transmitted energy of dancing can light up your day.

Always patient, energetic and smiling, she implements advanced psychological techniques, transforming the hours in a positive way. Under her guidance, children can develop harmoniously and learning through play.

Victor-Alexandru Oprea

HipHop and Latin American dancer, he practiced urban dance style since childhood. His experience spans both nationally and internationally. Very imaginative in composition movement, trying to build choreographies on a personal level to allow the dancer to express themselves freely.
His motto:,, Dance and smile without caring about others. "
"I believe that urban dance can be practiced by those who want to have fun, but also to learn the same time, so I invite you to our class!"

Camelia Arion

“I am sociable and cheerful and I like to combine passion and the energy with dance moves. Psychology student, studying psychotherapy for children and adolescents, I have worked and still work as a volunteer for children.
With extensive experience in children's activities, they will feel at ease around me, building their self-confidence they need both in dance and in everyday life.”

David Cîrnațiu

Physical education and fitness instructor, David is fully aware of the importance of physical condition for the dancers, working in order to increase their resilience and maintaining balance in daily life of athletes. He is actively involved in our training club.
An important member of our team is used to working with children, havong its own self-defense classroom. He is a student at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Faculty of Automatic Control, Department of Computer Science.

Mihai-Adrian Stanescu

"Dance sport is of great importance to me, practicing it from a small age, I would not see how I could give it up." Says Mihai, instructor and dancer specialized in Latin American dances.

The years he practiced this art has formed him as a very good choreographer and technician in wedding dances, training over 100 couples a year with huge success.

Florentina Luca

Following the courses over time in singing, guitar playing, swimming and acting, she noticed that she always returns to her true passion: dancing. The love for Latin music and dance began when she discovered Bachata, realizing that dancing is a lifestyle. Currently Florentina is participating in competitions and seminars because she is aware of the importance of continuous training. She loves bachata because it is a sensual and passionate dance and salsa is her choice for a solo because creativity blends harmoniously with the specific energy and enthusiasm.
"I think the recipe for a perfect dance is exercise, passion, technique, improvisation, enthusiasm, energy and above all the desire to dance." says Florentina, being also and psychology student.