After years of travel, Collaborations with dance schools from Romania, Italy, Denmark, Germany and Holland I said the time has come for a different kind of dance scool. For a dance academy. Almost everywhere I've taught, almost every place I danced, behind the apparent goodwill was hidden a money making policy, a policy which stops creativity and the evolution of the dancer. I said: no more, today we need something else, there is need for a family, a dance club orientated on promoting dancing and art, not on money. This is how Ov.I Dance Academy (Ovidiu.Ioana) was born, together with the children and their parents, people who continue to support us.

  • Ipsum

And we didn't stop with just a dance style

or only one teaching method! After we left the competitional world of dancesport, we started to study contemporary dance, modern, classic, hip-hop, jazz and jazz-pop. Working and dancing for theatres, we took new ideas of expression and we tried to combine everything in movement on the music, letting the body and mind free from the limits of only one style. Continuing my studies in psychology, I stole a few techniques from them, techniques from NLP to help the memory of dancers, and their emotional state.

Dancing is another kind of family

We know that in today's society, we must offer more than just dancing, steps and technique, there is the need for a family, models for children, so we built a program for parents and children, to learn more about each other. The need for family is even greater now, with all the daily stress, with all the problems we have. We don't know, but some of the problems are touching the children's mind and psychic. We have presented this program to a few dance schools, but it was refused because it is not financlially wise; and we are not interested in making money, we are interested in the psychological, social and cultural development of our students, we are interested in the art of movement and communication, because in the end, dancing is another form of communication." Ovidiu M. Ionel

Did you know Ov.I is an international dance school?

We have taught across the EU and Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Great Britain are just a few of the countries whose students and teachers have visited us. To all of you I say, Thank You for believing in us!

Dance styles

We are teaching a lot of styles, and we don't treat any of them easily. Our team is continuing the traing and the learning of new techniques. We are going to workshops, training camps, because here, as in a lot of other domains, if you stop your study, you're out. And as any other thing made with passion, who can stop dancing and learning?

  • Contemporary Dance

    Contemporary dance is what we are here for - it's always developing, with a beautiful technique of lines and balance, was born around the middle of XX century and it has become one of the most danced style ever. In the beginning it took steps and techniques from classical, modern and jazz, but now it is so much more, it harvests the sentiments and passions of the dancer. The technique is extremely important, but before the technique here you have the story which you must express, the heart and the attitude you must take with you in every move. You can find here techniques from theatre, eurhythmy, and much more! Contemporary dance is more than just dancing, it is life!

  • DanceSport or Ballroom dancing (Standard and Latin)

    A powerful style with a lot of brute energy and passios, it is one of the styles made for the upper class with a more refined attitude. It is very popular here, and we are very glad to announce exceptional resoults here. Who doesn't know that dancesport is an elegant form of communication between partners? English Waltz (Slow Waltz), Tango, Viennese Walts, Slow Fox, Quickstep blends harmoniouslywith the latin style: Samba, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive.

  • Classical dance and ballet

    And everything comes back to lines, balance. There is no dance where ballet won't help. The classical dance can help your flexibility and body position, but also with the powerful balance it develops.

  • Jazz & jazz-pop

    The classic jazz, as a dance style, has developed a lot because of the music videos. Do not get fooled by the name, it is the most danced styles by your favorite MTV stars. It is represented by clear movements helping to express the story of the song.

  • Hip-hop & Lyrical Hip-Hop

    It all depends what your hearts tell you, what story you want to show on the dance floor. There isn't a style made for all of us, and we know this, so we study to bring you everything you need to fully express yourself! We don't believe in limits or forced dancing, and here, in hip-hop you can find a lot of freedom and passion!

  • Latin dances + Kizomba

    A very pleasant style, both at social and professional level, is divided into salsa, bachata, merengue. It is known to give energy and good vibes from the very basic steps. When you learn the more complicated moves, the real show begins!

We are waiting for you!

Limited places available, because we value quality, not quantity.