Sports Council

Like any sport, like any art, to have a psychologist close in order to solve problems that may arise in a psycho-emotional plan is a must. The contribution of psychologists in athletes success is not a secret and is not an option.

Ioana Cuciureanu

Dancing supports the process of self-discovery and personal growth but the expression in dance is, in turn supported by various factors (physical, psychological, socio-cultural). Therefore, we train people in personal development, exercising useful skills both in everyday life and in sports practice, integrating discipline with spontaneity, with the exploration of the interior environment.
In addition, we are concerned that whatever the conditions under which it is performed, dancing must remain a natural form of expression, which is why we pay attention to competitions and why mental preparation is important, in order to bring to the dancer both joy and satisfaction.
We also offer counseling and psychological support to dancers who are experiencing difficulties in their lives that affect their general well being and consultancy to coaches, dance teachers interested in optimizing their teaching style.
Since we want to keep improving our services and adapt them to the needs of beneficiaries, all interventions will be based on feedback and results.

Ovidiu-Mihai Ionel

The motivational speeches I keep are using ideas from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and techniques rooted in psychology, in Ericksonian language, in order to produce rapid changes in the behavior of athletes. Words, ideas and stories take the place of the bistoury, used carefully and accurately they cause the listener to discover his own solutions by changing the prism through which he sees. By changing the angle of the problem, solutions become more accessible, easier to implement, letting the person to evolve in the desired direction.